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FAQ's & Testimonials

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How to attach a loop end lead to a rope halter

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How to properly tie a rope halter

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Where are your ropes made? 
All of my rope products are made by me. When you order them. All of the rope I use made in America, and purchased through a small family business in MO. Halters are all hand tied- leads and reins are hand spliced. Please keep in mind that splicing is NOT an exact science. Your 14' lead rope or reins may finish out to 13'9", or 14' 1, or may be exactly at 14'. I make them all exactly the same, starting with the same length of rope, but splicing is not an exact science. I try to make every rope product come out at the exact length ordered, but it just doesn't always work that way. 
How to care for your rope products? 
The best way to care for your rope is handwashing, with a gentle detergent- Personally I wash them in my front load washing machine, but I do recommend removing all hardware from leads and placing them in a mesh bag or pillowcase- Halters especially should be washed tightly packed, so the agitating doesn't loosen the fiador knot under the chin. All washing is done at your own risk. But know that my excellent quality polyester rope won't shrink or stretch and doesn't fade or get stiff. It's very easy to care for.
What type of rope do you use?
All the rope I use is polyester. I order it from a small company out of MO, who has it specially made for them. So when supporting me you are also supporting other small businesses. :) Back to rope, some use nylon, which stiffens with time and has much more stretch. others will use polypropylene which is lightweight and offers no 'feel'. Our ropes are all excellent quality, double braid polyester. The same rope that ALL of the big name clinicians use. It's all made in the USA to the Cordage Institutes high standards for rope- and will rival any rope you can find elsewhere. My halter rope is 1/4" diameter, and my standard lead/ rein material is 9/16".




We recently purchased a halter and lead rope for my wife’s new horse. We have purchased halters from several other sources including Double Diamond and Clinton Anderson. Your halters and lead ropes are superior to any of these others. We’re very pleased with our recent purchase and wanted to thank you for you great work.
~Tim Bozworth


I bought an 8' loop rein for my Arab and loved them so I immediately ordered a 10' set for my Walker. I highly recommend Rowdy's Ropes. I am now thinking of ordering a rainbow halter and rope set, as if I need another halter and rope!!! 
~Brez Gayland - Roseburg, OR
Just received my first halter and lead from Rowdy's Ropes and could not be happier! Excellent quality and have already ordered a second lead!
~Vicki Rosetti 
You won't be disappointed. Received mine yesterday and you can't tell the difference between Rowdy's Ropes CA style halter and lead rope and the authentic CA set. LOVE mine! 
~Karla Gronwall
Great quality rope, thank you so much!
~Alisa Bicandi
These are made extremely well and love how heavy the reins are. 
I ordered the Indian hackamore and split reins. I absolutely love this product and will recommend to others.
~Nicole Spaulding
Lovely, sturdy rope that appears like it will stand up to even my naughty mare. Product arrived fairly quickly and after having used it for several weeks I have no complaints. 
Update: A month into using this rope and it has been tried and tested by the mare who has significantly decreased her bad manners now that she's met her match with a rope she can't break. Very pleased with how lovely and soft it is. Also was long enough to tie onto itself on my rope halter and make lovely impromptu reins.
Loooovvvveeee my new halter. The weight and stiffness are similar to CA training halter's and much more affordable. Thx so much.
~Dory Bledsoe
Color is as vibrant as in the pictures! and it fits all my horses! Thank you for a greatly made product. Cant wait to order another set :)
~Abby Evans


I received my reins on Friday and they are awesome! Look great and are just the right length (test drovd them Saturday, lol). Thanks again. I love your products.

~Sian Martin